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增強現實 (AR) 設計的用戶體驗原則

在 AR 體驗中為圖標使用清晰的指示符和文本標籤,並最大限度地減少覆蓋層或 UI 控件佔用的空間量。這樣,您的應用程序就可以提供無縫的 AR 體驗,而無需重新初始化或重新校準。

How to Create a Party Room in Your Home

Homeowners often create a dedicated party space in their homes, and many have impressive features such as coffered ceilings, deluxe theaters, and gorgeous bay views. The right decorations can make the space truly stand out.

How to Choose a Table Lamp

Try pairing a pair of lamps on either side of your bed on matching nightstands for symmetry and balance. Opaque shades are great for a soft and localized glow, while transparent options illuminate more of your space.

檯燈 – 多功能照明燈具

West elm 提供一系列檯燈選項,是您家的完美補充。探索這些作品如何照亮遠處的角落,使凹室煥然一新,並使在辦公桌前工作更輕鬆。


對於現代空間,請嘗試帶有紋理飾面的圓形底座,例如 Anthropologie 的這款底座。搭配木製或玻璃裝飾桌,為您的座位區提供額外的光線,適合電影之夜和家庭時光。