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How to Create a Party Room at Your Consignment Store

Christina turned a back room at the children’s consignment store into a fun party space. The kids love it, and it’s a great addition to the store.

Many homeowners build or remodel their homes with a dedicated Party Room They often use the space as a dining room, gathering room or second den.

Home Party Room

Home party rooms are a great way to host parties and other special events for your guests. They can be used for birthday parties, baby showers, graduations, or holiday gatherings. There are many different options for creating a home party room, and you can find them on Peerspace with our streamlined platform and comprehensive listings.

When designing a home party room, consider your lifestyle and entertaining needs. You should choose a space that can serve as your family’s dining room or living area while also functioning as a home party room. Some people remodel their homes to include a dedicated room for partying, while others use existing rooms as their party spaces.

Look for rooms with ample lighting, plenty of windows, and an inviting ambiance. You should also make sure the room can accommodate food and drink buffets, and that you have a trash receptacle nearby. You may also want to include a butt bucket for your guests so they can dispose of their cigarette butts properly.


Inflatable decorations like palm trees, butterflies or pirate chests can instantly add theme-appropriate flair to a room. You can also use colored tablecloths to make a room feel festive. These can be purchased at many party supply stores in a variety of colors and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that matches your theme.

Streamers can be twisted and hung from the ceiling to give a space a dramatic look. You can even find some in shapes that fit the theme of your party, such as hearts or stars. You can also add fun shapes of balloons to a room for a colorful effect.

For a more elegant look, decorate with photos and other artwork that match your party theme. You can even hang pictures of special people, like grandparents for a birthday or baby shower. You can also add some candles to a centerpiece for a cozy touch.


When you want to add a little activity and a lot of fun to your party, games are a great idea. They can help get people out of their shells and talking to one another. Plus, they’re easy to set up and play.

A classic party game is musical chairs. Just have your guests line up, with the front person holding a ball or balloon. When the music starts, they must pass it around until everyone is sitting down. The last player to sit wins.

Another great game is Pictionary. You can use an online version of the game such as Skribbl to make it easier for all of your attendees to play. This is also a good choice for an online event because it’s an excellent icebreaker. You can use a variety of prompts including movies, songs, books, celebrities, and more. Another exciting game is Bingo. This is a fun way for everyone to interact and win prizes.


The Party Room is a region accessed through the back passage of Lina’s Child Library room, and reflects a birthday celebration taking place. It contains a cake with a 9 on it and two large gift boxes, along with a window showcasing a bench with yellow pinwheels.

Each of the Pizza Cottage Circleville, Athens, Zanesville, Newark, Buckeye Lake, Powell/Lewis Center, and Pickerington locations feature a party room that can be booked for private events or gatherings, including baby showers, bridal showers, retirement celebrations, and team building activities. Call your local store to reserve the party room today!

No outside food can be brought into the party room. Menu selections and guaranteed guest counts are required one week prior to the event. If you are planning to bring in your own food, you may wish to purchase items that can be stored well (such as wine) and shop for perishables closer to the time of the party.

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