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How to Create a Party Room in Your Home

The Party Room is a non-canon location in the FNAF universe. It is a region accessed through the back passage in Lina’s Child Library room. It contains a large table and two sets of shiny, multi-colored, striped party hats.

Starting a Party Room business requires careful research to identify and attract customers, select the right location for high visibility and accessibility, design an appealing space, and establish efficient booking systems.

Choosing a Room

Many people remodel or build their homes to include a room that can be used as a party room. A dining room, living room or additional den are common choices. Regardless of what space you choose, it should be large enough to comfortably seat the guests for an event. The space should also be close to a kitchen for the convenience of restocking snacks and drinks. The lighting, floor and color of the room should complement the style of entertaining you enjoy.

Ceiling height is important as well. Standard or low ceilings can make a crowded room feel small and claustrophobic for guests. Cathedral, sloped or tray ceilings are better options. It is also a good idea to have plenty of windows in your party room. Frameless interior glass windows are an attractive way to let in natural light and accentuate your home’s beauty. Cover Glass USA offers these windows throughout Southern California. Contact us today to learn more.

Designing a Space

Many people choose to remodel their homes to include a dedicated home party room, using an existing dining room or creating a second den. The home party room should be near the kitchen for easy access to food and drink. It should also be close to the entryway for guests to greet one another.

Choosing a theme for the party is an important part of designing the space. If you have a particular color scheme in mind, select tablecloths that match your colors and use balloons to fit your theme. Foil balloons are available in a variety of shapes and colors, so you can find something that fits your party.

Less is more when decorating the home Party Room, advises Knutson. Clutter breaks the line of sight and can make a crowded room feel claustrophobic. Consider adding a carpet to add a soft touch, or hanging strips of stripes to visually widen the room. Provide a butt bucket for those who are smoking, and have trash receptacles located throughout the room.

Organizing a Party

If you want to take advantage of social media at your party, create a unique hashtag. This will allow guests to share photos of your event on their Facebook or Instagram pages and will be a great way to see the night through other eyes!

Make sure you have all your decorations ready. This is also a good time to enlist helpers for anything that needs doing, or even just to be on hand the day of. This will save you a lot of running around on the actual day!

If you’re planning on serving food at your party, find out how long in advance you need to place catering orders. It’s also a good idea to have food, drinks and other essentials on hand, such as paper or plastic cups, plates, cutlery, rubbish bags etc. You may also need to stock up on ice. Make sure you have enough, especially if you’re serving lots of drinks!

Getting Started

Once you have a room in mind, start planning your party. Choose a date and time that fit your schedule, and don’t forget to send out invitations. You can buy party store invitations that match your theme, or make your own.

If you are hosting a large group, try to assign committees for different tasks. This not only makes things easier for you, but also helps your guests feel more involved.

It’s a good idea to designate a spot for food and drinks, as well as a space for a pinata. If you have a lot of breakables or valuables, you may want to include a lockable spot where those items can be stored away from guests. It’s also a good idea to provide convenient trash receptacles, especially outside the room.

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