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How to Design a Party Room in Your Condo Apartment

Guests can choose from Open Bar Packages or Cocktail Party Packages. Guests also get to enjoy complimentary snacks throughout the night.

Aside from figuring out how many guests can be accommodated, it is important to look at flow from your full-time staff’s perspective. Where are the bottlenecks and how do you resolve them?


Many people build or remodel their home to include a dedicated party room game idea These rooms often function as dining areas, gathering spaces and additional dens. Regardless of whether a new room is constructed or an existing space is used, there are certain criteria that should be considered to create a well-designed interior.

Ensure that there is a sufficient amount of seating throughout the space to accommodate guests. It is also important to designate multiple food buffets and drink stations. Incorporate conveniently located trash receptacles throughout the space to avoid wasteful garbage accumulation.

Lastly, the doorway and passage to the Party Room should be large enough to accommodate larger crowds. Incorporate frameless sliding doors to allow for a spacious transition from indoors to outdoors. The resulting exterior ambiance will compliment your Party Room while also adding to the aesthetic beauty of your home. Contact Cover Glass USA today to find out how we can help you transform your living space.


Unlike a living room or dining room where space is limited, condo apartments have many more options for family gatherings and community events. Having one central space for these activities makes it easier to accommodate guests without worrying about stepping on each others toes.

As condo units become smaller the need for a multipurpose area becomes more important for residents to gather and relax. A Party Room or Multipurpose Room can serve as a more formal gathering place for family and community events, provide seating for socialization and relaxation as well as facilitate the use of appliances that facilitate a variety of meal preparations and beverages.

It’s important for any Party Room to have easily accessible trash receptacles. This not only helps to keep the environment clean, but also saves time and effort when cleaning up after an event. If you’re planning to host food or drink stations, make sure you have enough counter or table space for these items as well.


If you like entertaining friends and family, a home party room may be a good idea. You can remodel or build your own special space or convert an existing one, such as the dining room, living room, second den or even a kitchen.

When choosing a space, you’ll want to think about the number of guests and whether your party will be formal or informal. Also consider any dietary restrictions, food allergies or food intolerances that your guests may have.

Make sure the doorways and passages are wide enough to allow the flow of people entering and exiting your party room. You’ll also want to have enough room for your guests to move around and have conversations. If you want to serve food and drinks, be sure the space has enough counter or table top space to accommodate a buffet line and beverage stations. A cathedral, sloped or tray (also known as trey) ceiling works best to create a large party room game idea feeling and help air circulation.


When a party is lit well, people are more relaxed and able to have fun. The lighting will also communicate to new arrivals what kind of atmosphere you are trying to create. For example, your lighting might indicate that you are going for a fun and wild party or perhaps something more sensual and mysterious.

The lights can be used to highlight key areas such as the dance floor or buffet area. They can also be used to imply a theme such as a space themed party by adding star cloth that illuminates in different colors.

Another great way to light up a party is to add LED smart light panels that rhyme with the music and create a fun vibe. These are easy to use and affordable and work great for a party that will be going into the later hours.

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