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The Benefits of a Massage Chair

Full body massage chair relieve more than just aches and pains. They stimulate the secretion of endorphins that promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Most massage chairs use a body scan to determine the user’s size and shape so they can customize a massage for them. The most sophisticated chairs use a 3D mechanism to provide up and down, side to side and in and out movement.

Relieves Stress
Studies show that just a 15-minute massage can significantly reduce stress hormones such as cortisol and lower blood pressure. The kneading and air compression actions of most massage chairs also help soothe muscles, which can help you relax.

Tight muscles can also make it harder to breathe properly. This is because when your shoulders are rounded forward, it compresses your chest cavity and restricts the space for oxygen to enter your body.

A good massage chair can relieve tight muscles and improve posture by promoting a healthy spine. Additionally, it can help alleviate the pain caused by a condition called trigger points, which is brought on by overexertion and leads to a restricted range of motion. Research from the Buck Institute shows that massage decreases inflammation and even promotes the growth of new mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells, in muscle tissue.

Relaxes Muscles
Whether you are an office worker sitting for long periods or an athlete putting your muscles through intense workouts, releasing muscle tension is critical to maintaining optimum health. A massage chair is a great way to accomplish this.

Most massage chairs contain a series of airbags that inflate and deflate, contracting and squeezing the user’s larger muscle groups to give them gentle compression therapy. This helps reduce swelling and stimulates blood flow.

Tight muscles also limit your ability to breathe properly. Breathing becomes more difficult as your chest muscles tighten, which can lead to problems like carpal tunnel and even poor posture. The regular massages given by a massage chair can help improve breathing and get more oxygen into your system, which will improve mood, productivity and overall wellbeing.

Increases Circulation
One of the reasons for sore muscles is the lack of blood flow. Massage chairs stimulate the circulatory system to increase oxygenation and nutrients to the muscles.

It also decreases the build-up of toxins, plaque, and dead cells in the joints and muscle fibers. This helps prevent muscle fatigue, pain, and stiffness and increases flexibility.

Regular use of a massage chair also improves posture. It relaxes the overworked muscles of the neck and back, improving spine alignment. It also encourages the production of feel-good chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve mood, reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. This is important for overall mental health and well-being. A massage chair also increases the delivery of blood and oxygen to the brain, helping improve memory and concentration.

Improves Digestion
A good massage is very beneficial to digestion. However, it is not recommended to use a massage chair on an empty stomach or after having a heavy feast as this can disrupt our natural digestive process and cause acidity.

As your body relaxes, your organs function at a higher level, and food moves through the digestive system much more efficiently. In turn, this prevents internal infections, bloating and excessive gas build-up. Our BodyScan feature helps improve peristalsis by stimulating acupressure points in your back and belly. The enhanced circulation of blood during and after a massage also takes away tiredness, increases oxygen intake, releases “feel good” hormones, burns calories, and a lot more. And all this is possible with just a simple massage session in your Massage Chair!

Better Sleep
Some people who have problems sleeping in a conventional flat bed, such as sleep apnea or gastroesophageal reflux, find reclining in a massage chair comfortable and safe. However, if you have a health condition like blood clots in the legs or neuropathy in your lower extremities, the extreme cushioning and the reclining features of a massage chair could be risky.

Massage also promotes the release of dopamine and endorphin, which enhance your mood, and serotonin, which increases melatonin production, which helps you sleep better. Pain relief is another potential massage sleep benefit, because a lack of sleep can exacerbate the discomfort of neck or back pain. Moreover, massage reduces the release of stress hormones, which can negatively impact your rest.

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