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The Best Places to Rent a Party in Causeway Bay

The district of party room Causeway Bay  is home to a range of unique, event-ready venues you can rent for a few weeks or even months. Whether it’s an old warehouse with exposed brick or an apartment with rustic wood panelling, there’s something for everyone.

Store Party Room is right behind Sogo on Lockhart Road and has a laid-back vibe that’s perfect for birthdays and other celebrations. The space is equipped with automatic mahjong machines, PS5 games, board games and a 155-inch ultra-large high-definition projection screen.

Store Party Room

Located right behind Sogo in Causeway Bay on Lockhart Road, Store Party Room offers a chill atmosphere for friends to unwind. The space is adorned with old Hong Kong posters and street signs for those who love nostalgic vibes. There are also various entertainment facilities such as an automatic mahjong table, pool table, Switch, darts and karaoke for guests to enjoy.

The best part is that they provide snack dishes like cheese tofu, samosas and cuttlefish balls for guests. They even have a full projector available to broadcast movies or shows.

This is a great spot to gather with friends for milestone birthdays, hen dos and team bonding events. Book them quickly on HelloToby to enjoy exclusive deals!

The Roomss

Located right behind SOGO on Lockhart Road, The Roomss is the place to go for a laid-back party. The space is equipped with a variety of entertainment facilities, including automatic mahjong, pool tables, PS5 and board games. The Roomss also offers a rooftop BBQ area and catering services, making it the perfect venue for parties of all sizes.

This fun, modern space features a large selection of different rooms with themed decorations and entertainment. From the ‘Causeway Bay’ room, which has old Hong Kong as its blueprint, to the artistic ‘Wooden’ room, this for-hire space is sure to have something for everyone.

Guests can enjoy a wide range of games and entertainment at this unique venue, from beer pong to karaoke. The space is also BYOB, so you can bring your own drinks and snacks. The Roomss is also suitable for birthdays and other special occasions. For more information, visit their website. This is a great option for people looking to spend less than HK$100.


If you’re looking for a place to host a party in Causeway Bay, look no further than Blackroom. This funky space is located behind Sogo and has a retro vibe with neon signs and posters of old Hong Kong streets on its walls. This venue is perfect for a milestone birthday party and offers a variety of drinks and food options.

The venue has a mix of different games and facilities for guests to self-entertain themselves, including beer pong, a 1.5m-high Kerplunk, a 1.8m-tall Jenga tower, pool table, two projectors for movie nights, PS4 and induction cookers for hotpot dinners. The space also has a balcony area where you can relax and enjoy a drink with friends.

This cosmopolitan hub of contrasts is the energetic retail heart of Hong Kong. Luxury malls are joined by bargain-hunters in the Jardine’s Crescent Street Market, while skyscrapers loom over low-rise neighbourhood haunts and trendy rooftop bars. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or just looking to catch up with friends, there’s something for everyone in this bustling city.

Cannon Garden Party

There is nothing quite like a good ol’ fashion BBQ with your best buddies. Located in Causeway Bay behind Sogo, this party room is the perfect spot for a group get-together. From Instagrammable photo spots to karaoke facilities and video games, it has everything you need for a memorable night.

With beer pong, table football and mahjong available at this unique themed party room, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here. It’s also an excellent choice for milestone birthday celebrations. Just remember, bookings need to be made quick at Venuerific.

A cosmopolitan hub of contrasts,party room Causeway Bay energetic retail heart beats to the rhythm of luxury malls and department stores. Wander the low-rise streets to discover charming neighbourhood haunts, then sip a drink at one of the trendy bars and restaurants that line the area. With such a wide variety of exciting venues, you’ll never run out of things to do in this bustling hub.

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